It’s funny how he wanted to pick a fight with me, but pussied out when I let the bitch finally come out. He couldn’t handle how I truly felt about him. Then he tried to message me and say he’s sorry, that he wants to work something out. Well listen here I am MOVING ON! I am back to being that cold heartless bitch. You never gave a shit. I almost wasted my life on to people that didn’t give a fuck. I sat here worry day after day whether I was even good enough. They proved to me that I wasn’t for them. They treated me like their personal slut. They weren’t there when I needed them, then when I made a mistake they were there to bash me and degrade me more. You weren’t happy when I was the soft bitch that actually gave a fuck and loved you. Well now you can’t complain..this is what happens when you fuck around with someone’s feelings. What i felt was fucking real, Well I am being the fucker now. I will not continue on letting people ruin my life. I ignored all the people who actually gave a fuck for you. I gave up my life so that we could have one. I am being me again. No more sacrifices. These are the people that I love. The ones that stand by me every step of the way, even when I screw up. I have changed. You may not like it now but I do. I am caring for those who cared for me. I am not going to give a fuck about you anymore. You are staying out my life and I am sure as hell staying out your!



So I’ve broken up with my lover…not because I wanted to..but because he seemed happier with her. Like I said I was just the third wheel. He is happy now, so I guess I am. I will wait for him in case he ever needs me. I deleted everything..I guess I just needed a fresh start in order to move on..I will always be there for him. I will always be his. I need your help people, I need someone to be there for me right now 🙂 I am trying to be a better person now. I am going to change.