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I was inspired once by a quote..” you only need those twenty seconds of bravery to change your entire life.”  I’m in freak out mode, my life is at the point to where it’s life vs death. I can’t exactly explain what has been going on, but what I can say is that it’s not good. I can’t take this life anymore. I was on the verge of just ending it, until I thought about this idea. I can’t exactly give details in case they find this. but I’m going some where’s good, with someone who actually cares. I am going to make something out of my life. Then i will be able to support my family, maybe then the struggles for them will end and they won’t hate me as much. Maybe my attitude will get better, especially towards life. maybe now people would want to stay in my life…i just hope this goes as I planned..only traveling by night..Hope for the best.


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